Even folks inside Facebook think that their catering to old racists might be hurting their bottom line with how they been bleeding younger users

But he has so far been unable to address stagnating user growth and shrinking engagement for Facebook the product in key areas such as the United States and Europe. Worse, the company is losing the attention of its most important demographic — teenagers and young people — with no clear path to gaining it back, its own documents reveal.

Young adults engage with Facebook far less than their older cohorts, seeing it as an “outdated network” with “irrelevant content” that provides limited value for them, according to a November 2020 internal document. It is “boring, misleading and negative,” they say.

In other words, the young see Facebook as a place for old people.

Facebook’s user base has been aging faster, on average, than the general population, the company’s researchers found. Unless Facebook can find a way to turn this around, its population will continue to get older and young people will find even fewer reasons to sign on, threatening the monthly user figures that are essential to selling ads. Facebook says its products are still widely used by teens, although it acknowledges there’s “tough competition” from TikTok, Snapchat and the like.


Oh no! Consumers have an accurate perception of what we are!

We’ve tried nothing and are all out of ideas.

I know! We’ll trick those dumb bastards into coming back and not having to change our selves at all.


I know, we’ll buy the competition.

Worked with Instagram which was taking younger people off then.


Isn’t whatsapp also owned by them too?


Yes, and the Facebook outage took WhatsApp and Instagram offline as well.


Yes. And that is what means I struggle to keep away from Arsebook and all its tentacles. I used to have phones that wouldn’t let you uninstall it. I do still have a Facebook account on a quarantined computer for family stuff but WhatsApp is just used for so much parenting and family things. Including Freecycle groups as mentioned elsewhere here today.

And I know WhatsArse is sleazy as hell and the Canary died years ago…


I use Signal these days. By all accounts it’s secure from even governmental attack, since only the clients ever have private keys. The servers just help initiate peer to peer message relationships, but everything is end to end.

And apparently they’re working on onion-routed messaging where the sender won’t even be apparent to signal, just the end recipient.


That’s why I aim for phones that are stock or near stock (Motorola has a good rep for not loading up their phones with crap).


It’s why I switched from subsidized LG phones to Pixel phones.

To me, having a clean flagship I have total control over is worth paying the premium.

I have ADHD. My only valuable resource is my attention, and it’s very limited. Nobody has a right to my attention, least of all advertizers who are trying to hijack my brain.

That’s why I’m also such an obnoxious evangelist for Ublock Origin, NoScript and cable cutting.


Yeah, I do too. Can’t make my family though and I literally didn’t have the option over the last couple of years to not be contactable in a group by them. So whichever of us can deal at the time will deal.


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