Even Mrs. Gump used the back door to get her boy into school


Seriously, though, this is a weird post.


Could have been the back door too, maybe she was kinky that way.


In 1981 she starred in “Back Roads.”


The problem with the buy-a-library path is that while your kid can get in, it will be widely known that the only reason your kid got in was because you bought a library.

These people were after the status of being able to say that they didn’t have to buy a library. Their kid was good enough that they got in on their own merit!


How the fuck is the title of the youtube clip “Ms. Gump seduces schoolmaster”? Why does that irritate me so much?


Because it completely misrepresents the scene.


You’re thinking like a poor pleb. The right response is “I’m in a top school, and my parents bought the school a library, F yeah - I’m great”.


"We wouldn’t want to see somebody left behind."

He likely saw somebody’s left behind.



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