Even Mrs. Gump used the back door to get her boy into school

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Seemed like her front door did most of the work, unless I missed some of the subtext of that scene.


Even Mrs. Gump used the back door to get her boy into school

That turn of phrase may lead some to conclude you’re assuming specific facts not in evidence.


I think I blocked this scene out of my memories…I need a fucking shower now…and about 10 gallons of bleach for my ears.


an admissions tactic that hasn’t yet come up in the college admissions scandal – screwing the head of the school.

I’m sure it’s happened somewhere.

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Explains the PG-13 rating.


Is that part of the rating system?

May contain butt stuff, suitable for 13 and up


Something something Box of Chocolates.


Didn’t she do that so that her developmentally disabled son could go to a regular public school? And isn’t it the law now that public schools have to make accommodations for handicapped students? That’s like the exact opposite scenario–she was fighting an unfair system rather than using unfair influence.


Indeed. I wouldn’t want to say this fictional character* was sexually assaulted, but it is a lot more like a sexual assault than it is like the college admissions scandal. They existed within a system where justice could only be purchased for sex (which means there is no justice).

* I mention they fictionality of the situation only because I wouldn’t think it was my place to interpret whether it was assault or not if it a was a real person who would have their own opinion on it.


Yep, you beat me to it; the comparison isn’t equivalent because Mrs Gump wasn’t rich and seeking even more privilege than she already had.

That’s like comparing all those greedy unsatisfied rich folks to destitute people who lie about where they live, so their kids can go to schools that offer an actual quality education.

It’s basically punching up vs punching down, yet again.


This may be a good example of a child whose developmental differences were not a disability. In fact, they seemed to be an advantage throughout the movie. Too bad it’s fiction.

I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that Gump’s condition was a boon in the film. It may have helped him deal with the sheer horrors of war better than most of his comrades, but for the most part his superpower was an outrageous amount of luck.


Completely agree with the punching up vs down comment. Further, the Gump scenario is illegal, just as the cheating scandal contains much illegal activity.

Buying a new wing so Lord Moneybags Jr can skip the queue? No one ever went to jail for that.

The problem with the cheating scandal wasn’t that the people involved were rich, they just weren’t rich enough…


Nah, many of them had enough money to go the traditional “back door” way. One applicant’s parents paid $1.2 Million to get their kid into Yale. It’s just that normally even the people who throw a lot of donations around still aren’t guaranteed their offspring will get admitted, particularly when those kids’ academic performance is just too terrible to rationalize.

Most rich pricks put their thumbs on the scales and keep their fingers crossed. These ones wanted a sure thing.


Repeating for emphasis. It must suck to be pretty rich, but not REAL rich.

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And, in fact, the person’s name playing first base was “Who” which may have erroneously created the impression that the speaker was inquiring as to the identity of the player when, in reality, the speaker was providing the person’s actual name. The name “Who” which is a homophone for the pronoun “who,” thus creating the confusion.

Oh yeah, I totally read about that in the Wall Street Journal. Pity the poor souls who only make $400,000 a year, their mansion mortgages are just killing them.


Bum, Forrest, bum!


It’s not that they weren’t rich enough but that they got one over on other rich people.