Even superheroes have problems with social media

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The “here” link is deceptive.

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I clicked through to look at the rest of the artist’s tumblr, and saw the latest post http://brakken.tumblr.com/post/153857741977/to-clarify-something that is a follow-up from a kerfuffle surrounding the comic. Their painstaking effort to calm the fevered fandoms tearing each other apart over their innocuously clever single panel comic bummed me out. Many long, carefully worded paragraphs in:

There was no intention on my part to deface, patronise, or mislabel Lois as a character, or her fans’ reasons for appreciating her.

Yikes. Calm down everyone. They shouldn’t have to say that…


People who try to keep their art nude modeling activities under a stage name have been joking / worrying about this for years.


It still seems like the artist should at least acknowledge that the same joke was made six months earlier, retweeted a few thousand times, and that this might be non-coincidental: https://twitter.com/jonbershad/status/718862273150918656

If it wasn’t, she should have credited him, but it could easily have been a coincidence. It’s not such a clever joke that two people couldn’t have come up with it independently.


Oh, man. It took me a full minute to grasp the joke.

and I’m good at facial pattern recognition.


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