Even the Texas GOP is ready to decriminalize marijuana

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Yes please, if you’re going to sabotage the country, torture children, and be inspired by North Korea’s policies then at least let us not be sober.


The one thing that is keeping me sane this year is legal recreational pot here in SoCal.


Meanwhile in the UK, it took a media blitz to get the Home Office to return some medicated cannabis oil to the mother of a 12 year old who will likely die without it.


Decriminalization would be a positive step but hopefully legalization would be a thing. A hard sell in Texas but you never know.


in texas this looks less promising than it seems to from the outside. in the last legislative session the decriminalizing republicans pushed to their utmost and manged to decriminalize cbd candies and vapes which contains no intoxicants and only one of a multitude of useful cannabinoids and cannabinols.


Could it be that they realized they need to free up room in the prisons for all of the kidnapped children they suddenly have to house?

I’m guessing children are much more lucrative in the long run, since they get them so young and they can fit more in a single cell.




Roger That!


Bunch of dope addicts. What’s next? Heroin? /s

Notice even GOP is starting to support legal marijuana. Y’all be too stoned to vote.

“we admit that there is nothing wrong with using marijuana, so if our cops catch you doing it, instead of smashing your life to flinders, we will merely send you to a bullshit class to be falsely taught why your brain is wrong”, explained the taxpayer employee before pausing for grateful applause


Would my assessment of my fellow man be excessively uncharitable if I were to hypothesize that this is a perfectly logical reaction to discovering that using the drug war as an excuse to keep the ethnic undesireables and poors in their place is now less popular than just overtly keeping the ethnic undesireables and poors in their place; and substantially less cost effective?


I have to wonder if the concept of ‘cognitive decision-making classes’ is a surprisingly bold implicit acknowledgement of(possibly even a rather dramatic thesis about the scope of) bounded rationality and the role of irrational and a-rational motivations in human behavior; or just what you get when you try to split the difference between the cognitive behavioral therapy that would be super-scientific and the stuff that the people you are willing to bring on as instructors are qualified to teach…

That’s a word salad bobtato there. word salad bobato™

And people need to keep in mind the legislature only meets every other year and only for a few short weeks. It’s doubtful that anything will change.

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Well, I’m not stoned every moment and mostly just micro-dosing for the pain.

Still, I think the country was stoned when it voted for Trump.

Producing profit from natural resources is so Texas. It’s surprising they are not more into legalization just from an economic standpoint.

My friends just came back form Vegas and they stopped by a dispensary. They purchased a myriad of cannabis products including a medicated cream. She said depending on how you tolerate it, it will get you really stoned when you rub it on. Glorious!