Evernote isn't looking too healthy these days


You and me both. The closed to “cloud” that I get is a VPS, but that gets backed up twice daily to a local drive.

Thanks to JWZ, I mentally replace the word “cloud” with “clown.”

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So um I just wanna point out that if you’re using Evernote on a desktop computer, it’s gonna be storing all your notes there. It doesn’t do this on phones/tablets - there’s preferences for exactly which of your notebooks it stores, which I think have some limitations for unpaid users - but unless you are one of those people who has managed to entirely abandon computers in favor of tablets, you’re going to have all your notes on your computer.

There’s also an easily-found “export” option. And Evernote will happily run without a connection to the net.

I’ve been a paid user of EN for most of its life, I will be sad if these changes mean it stops being updated to work on new OSs.

@Rory I’ve tried using Scrivener to write, I really have, it has so many neat features designed for Writing. But “Evernote is on every device” wins out over those for me.


Once they went all paywall crazy I ditched them and never looked back.


Agreed. The whole point of the article seems to be that you must have a local copy, so don’t use EN. But for the few years I’ve used EN, I’ve always had the local copy on my PC. In fact, I consider that the primary, and the cloud version is the backup (which I can conveniently access on my iPhone or Fire).


I just want to be able to delete this waste of space from my phone.


I’ve been an Evernote user almost since launch, it turns out - for about half of that time fully-paid. I’ve embraced almost all the missteps - moleskine notebooks, Food, Hello, Skitch (but not the lifestyle merchandise). At the end of the day it is a reliable, versatile capture and retrieve system for lots of different types of info including meeting notes, scanned docs and research.

I’ve tried to leave many times for onenote and always come back because onenote is a think film of gloss over a very incomplete and unreliable platform, relatively speaking (no drag and drop in OSX or iOS? Wtf?). I still pay for EN even with a subscription to office 365 and an all-Apple workflow.

This post feels a bit reactionary. I agree that Evernote is clearly in need of refocusing; not unusual at this point in a company’s lifecycle I guess, and people have been talking about ‘the first dead unicorn’ for a couple of years.

At the same time, having lived through more than one, a 15% headcount reduction is not that dramatic or extraordinary (in the macro - for the 15% it is, of course).
The leadership change is more concerning and I think it will signal a major change in strategy for EN. I imagine a continuing refocus on business accounts, which will make me sad.

Whatever happens to Evernote, it won’t disappear with our data overnight. It’s pretty much inconceivable that the service will be shuttered without months of warning for people to download and export/migrate their data. One thing that keeps me with Evernote is its ability to share its data with other apps (you can migrate everything to onenote in three clicks, drag whole notebooks to Apple notes etc). If the time comes, we’ll have plenty of warning. ‘Get out while you still can’ feels a bit sensationalist at this point.


Right! Is going to ask exactly this. I just don’t understand these composit companies. Facebook employs 25,000 people. Where are all the amazing things they must be doing there?


That’s Zuckerberg’s entourage. There are only four actual employees, and they mostly keep the servers running.


Huh, I kinda forgot Evernote was still a thing. I mainly use OneNote, and the other platforms have their alternatives as well (I guess).


I like Evernote, but I’ve never really used it as a “notetaking” app. Instead, I basically use it to gather documents (web pages, pdfs, and the like) into folders for future reference.


All I need is a single cloud service that seamlessly integrates all the other cloud services.

Somebody see to it, there’s a jolly good chap …


I totally concur with you Seamus. I never use a cloud service and run local auto back ups to a secure and encrypted USB drive with free tools. 7Zip is a wonderful utility. The real pain in the ass is for folks who use cloud services and have lost control of their data.

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Bad news for me – I’ve offloaded most of my memory into Evernote.


Totally agree re not trusting cloud. Fed up of software (Apple in this case) telling me to switch on cloud and enjoy access to my files wherever I am. Well, not if there’s no connectivity - and I do have access all the time because my local storage and computing devices are always at hand. Glad to hear I’m not that unusual (seems like it these days).
Having run a MacBook for 5-6 years and now also having a MacBook Air - either of which could be used at any time - I’m struggling with how to keep their local files in sync with each other - which as well as letting me use either at any time will also provide another full backup. Wondering about Syncthing. Anyone any other suggestions?

@SeamusBellamy Which piece of your mind? (Peace.) :wink:


Are you suggesting that the Universal Windows Platform isn’t seamlessly enabling cross-device experiences?

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Call 301-688-6311.
Ask for Paul.

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I had the exact opposite reaction: how is it possible they have this few people working for the company?


When Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion, there were 13 people working there.

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I can't tell if I'm laughing or crying!


But they didn’t provide a paid service, AFAIK. They basically rented server space to store photos, and provided some filters and a comment function to their customers.
That money? Paid for their customer data, I would say.
Their business model? Unclear.

What I’m trying to say is that Evernote is trying to sell an actual product, and their customers would expect service. All year, worldwide.