Turning to Android to fill in missing Mac OS apps in Windows 10

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I wouldn’t be particularly worried (in security terms) about using a non-Omni client for OmniFocus. It has no bearing on the security of your data stored in the cloud, and one company full of people you don’t know is as trustworthy as another. Unless Focus GTD is ad-supported, or provides an ad-supported version, or is sponsored by a third party, then it’s equally in their interest to not disclose your data.

Reading the description of all these hoops, though… is there a reason why you don’t use an iPad (or MacBook) instead?

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A bit of overkill, but did you ever try running OSX in a VM? VM’s on an SSD are quite tolerable. The downside is your 128GB SSD may be too small.

Please, it’s macOS.

Intriguing; I also found that Bluestacks was not worth messing with a few years ago. How does it compare to MEmu?

I’d like to hear more about your digital journaling. For years (actually decades) I wrote only in notebooks and then last year I grew tired of being a caretaker for the notebooks and sent almost 400 of them to a shredder/recycler. Now I find a new stack of books accumulating and I need a better solution so I’m thinking about going digital.

Do you find typing to be as effective as handwriting as far as transferring ideas to paper (or, I guess, screen)? Does Day One store your stuff on their servers? Do you worry about security or accessibility after they shut down?

As a kind of middle ground I’m thinking about an iPad with Pencil and GoodNotes. I’m not convinced typing would be as therapeutic as writing by hand for me.

It’s not (currently) called MacOS by Apple, but “Mac OS” is in any case a valid adjectival phrase, like calling TOS apps “Atari OS apps”.

It’s not my place to tell anyone they can’t spell their name with an initial lowercase letter (as E.E. Cummings actually didn’t), but it’s also not anyone else’s place to decide whether I stick to English grammar. IMO the best approach is always to write whatever is least jarring, so I’d probably write “MacOS” at the beginning of a sentence, but I wouldn’t write “Iphone” in the middle of a sentence, as certain people are occasionally precious about doing.

my fault for using Chrome, but wtf?

Are you sure about that?


You… didn’t even finish the sentence?

I’m really spending too much time on these BBS posts

Because using an iPad is like driving a Ferrari stuck in second gear.

My experience with Bluestacks is that seems to be adware masquerading as an android emulator.

Are there no native Windows programs that replicate the functionality you get from the ones you’re emulating? Or is your preference to not have to learn the workflow of a new thing?

You can also use OneNote for journaling and Office 365 has some project management Power Apps that integrate nicely with Outlook and others for a simple planner without going full Project.

Although we use SmartSheet for project planning. It’s rather powerful for a simple program and has native apps on all platforms.

I remember a time when project management was done on powerpoint slides and excel sheets embedded in a series of word documents we’d email back and forth.

I’d think a better way to get an Android emulator would be to just install the Android development tools, which have an emulator built in.

let me guess, using Lotus Notes…

No, embedded in a microsoft word doc. The OLE was a revolution. It allowed you to copy and paste a whole document of one type of office app into another. Enabling eldritch monsters the visage of which would drive a man mad to gaze upon.

Not as insane as having to use notes for email, though.

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