Every Mickey: a chimera made by combining every available online 3D model of Mickey Mouse

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Mickey-ma! Mickey-ma! Mickey-ma!


Every Mickey found online? Hmmm…seems like there’d be more Mickeys than that.


Those poor laboratory mice.


There has to be at least one on-line Mickey with raging wood.


Clearly not every Mickey

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“i have become the destroyer of worlds” - Mickey


Seems like the stl file ought to be available for download.


oops…forgot to quote. deleted

Don’t dare google that.

I’ve never 3d printed anything before but our library just got a lulzbot mini
Is there a easy way to shrink the size? Close to 19 inches tall is a lot of plastic.
Also is this hollow or solid? Our library charges by the gram for plastic.

What software tools would I need to customize the file to a smaller micky.

The printer will come with “slicing” software, that takes the 3d cad file and calculates the movement of the printing head and the height of each layer specifically configured for your 3d printer. So when you pull the .stl file in, you’ll be given the opportunity then to scale the model to whatever size you want.

And I think you’ll find that the biggest problem with a 19-inch tall model is not so much how much filament it will take (though it would take A LOT), but how long it will take to print it out. I wouldn’t be surprised if something that size didn’t take at least 48 hours or longer to print at a decent print quality. And my 3d printer couldn’t even handle it without doing it in segments and gluing them together afterwards.


Not so long ago, a Neil deGrasse Tyson necklace would have sold well… but now…

I dared. And this unfortunate thing popped up:


If it’s all the Mickies, some of them must be unlicensed trademark use. Does that mean it all is? No fair use for that. Should all the bits not licensed by Disney be removed?

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In his final life, seen in Life, the Universe and Everything , Agrajag built a large, and particularly malicious looking statue of Arthur with multiple arms and feet, swatting flies, squashing ants, and even using one of them to summon into existence a bowl of petunias. Agrajag confronts Arthur in a cave he lives in, in the form of an ugly batlike creature.

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Can’t believe we were ever supposed to print during library hours, could you? Still, you could use Rebol. And maybe a plugin or so to bend it to your own brand o’ 3D way, save that, and then see it’s in the format lulzbot minis like to chew on.

After you print that though, you’ve barely scratched the surface of ‘painting’ on virtual models of it to get nice painting models or a 2D proof. So keeping in mind the ID10T podcast with …eh, Alvarado in it? About if you want to make a svitzton of money off a movie you have to make a flobbelockton of money? Make a converse of the full scale model and print it (the shells, or the shells backed up on some oarlocks to a frame, or just the shell with frame support you can fill with fiber and plaster later) for trivial release.
Then steam the Everquest out of a quarter-inch multigrain tortilla, stretch it and let it down into the lethicin-coated mold partition; maybe have it dusted in fine epsom salts if you want exhibition hang time. This is when you bring the 10 gallons of chickpea water, 7 of cilantro and lemon zest, and normal amounts of amazingly mandolined beans, salsa, lettuce, umami, rice, etc. but then also a steamer into the library (maybe not so in.) Fill the halves with perfectly whipped and steamed legume meringue until you don’t see how anything would fit, then put the normal burrito filling in.
Steam the molds together, then arrange to unmold them sometime when you feel like using a dull knife to cross-fold the burrito edges under steam, hoping that they cool fast enough to close one side of the seam before the next section is being put under much stress. Gotta plate it out somehow… Then you need the airbrush and food-safe colors, maybe. Maybe not! I know only the RI part of the veritas of chickpea bleed and salsa chromophores.

I was thinking the burrito shop’s from We Bare Bears’s Free Tour special (eat all the burritos in one sitting, it’s free; last one’s the size of the 40 predecessors.)

In the early '20s, you know, #fiction we didn’t know about texture. If we wanted to paint a room we made these Jeff Koontz things, fabric-covered frames full of paint, wall sizing and empty balls, covered up the windows with 3 kinds of foam, and we chucked those things high at one another trying to get the top corners of the room.

Evilkolbot can lawyer it in post. <I mean, it won’t publish until March, right? By then we’ll have the “Enjoy” “your” “burrito” partitionable fairly. Hey, who else thinks partitionable is a dictionary word 40 years overdue?

They do the actual printing and loading. However the printer is in a ‘maker space’ that’s in a separate glass enclosed room adjacent to the DVDs and other media, along with the public computer bank and printers. It’s pretty nice, they’ll probably be getting a glowforge and CNC on next years budget.

So then Blender would be the main bit, and the slicer gets fed after which fill and partition plugins are used?
Every McKee could be a thing. It’s a punching nun kazoo cushion! McKie, (Agnus …Agnus?) even.