Every photo a nude in satirical art project

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Then what’s that on his left thigh?


His thumb is poking through his thigh.

I also can’t help but notice that the nude version of this black man has a noticeably lighter shade of skin. And looking at the link, it does the same thing with a black woman.

Yeah…no. This is bullshit. They’re doing a shitty thing and using satire as an excuse to hide behind. We already know about this technology. There has been a lot in the popular media and news already about deepfake nudes and porn. It’s not like we need some obscure, supposed art project that most people are unlikely to ever hear about to be made aware of this issue.


But isn’t that part of the point?

As the bb post says,

We already know about this technology. . . It’s not like we need some obscure, supposed art project that most people are unlikely to ever hear about to be made aware of this issue.

Well yes, “we” savvy media consumers know that, but many other people get sucked in by discrimatory shitty, profit-serving standards, hating themselves all the more and denigrating others as a result, and so on.

“Supposed” art project? Are you detecting some ulterior motive here that I missed? Ive seen a lot of great art that offers similar reminders and insights.


Natalie I like how your byline integrates so nicely with the post :upside_down_face:

The people who aren’t media savvy will never see this. They will, however, see the stories on Good Morning America about deepfake porn of Taylor Swift. I don’t understand who this project is aimed at.

Not so much detecting as being suspicious. This is either preaching to the choir, or it’s shady. ChatGPT started off as an open project that was supposed to stay completely transparent and nonprofit so people could understand “AI”, how it worked, and so we could protect ourselves from possible dangers of it. Until Sam Altman decided he’d rather use it to enrich himself.


That was probably always his plan…


Even more reason that I am suspicious of this art project.


Yeah, I’m not sure either… from their website:

It so takes away the anonymity that is inherent to internet deepfakes and contrasts playfulness with this nightmarish trend.

Also, this…

NUCA is a speculative consumer product and not meant to be used uncontrolled in “the wild”. The generated images are not used in any way, except with explicit consent given. To ensure the safety of minors, the project is exclusively for adults.



If they start a Kickstarter for this thing in a few months, we’ll know. I wish I could take things like this at face value and assume it’s being done in good faith. I just don’t.


Yeah, I think we often have good reason for being skeptical about stuff like this, given how often it turns out to be less about engaging with important social topics, and more about money-making…


“Anyway, long story short, that’s why I’m not a member of the White House press corps any more.”


Groß… lives up to their name?

… what’s that “rule of goats” again :thinking:


(Yes, I get it)

I can’t work out if the typo in this video is intentional

Screen Shot 2024-04-07 at 08.11.41

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