Robbie Barrat's AI-generated nude paintings make Francis Bacon look like a genteel pre-Raphaelite


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I remember first year figure drawing studio where some people would start at the head and feet and then work inwards and then there were some who would start inwards with the naughty bits and work out. I figured it was based on modesty levels but, now I wonder.


Anyone feel like being treated by a robot surgeon if this is what we are supposed to look like for a robot?


That last one looks like “Saturn Devouring His Son” via Jim Henson.


The horrors!


“I call these my ‘Transporter Malfunctions’ series.”





Trump sex pics finally leaked, I see…


New Aesthetics!


One of the earliest machine vision programs was a naked-people finder, meant to identify porn by counting Caucasian pixels, for the benefit of some hypothetical censor. I don’t know if it ever worked.

But I wonder what it would make of these paintings?


Those heads look a bit like mouldy chickens…

I used to start at the head for a figure, or eyes for the face. The nakedness ever worried me, but I know what you mean.

I will admit to spending 4 hours drawing a hand on A2 paper once, as I found the person rather unsettling to look at… :neutral_face:


Just admit you are frustrated that you can’t photoshop eye/mouth swaps on them @beschizza


I feel strangely aroused! :joy:



the final pieces of artwork – which can only be described as surreal, blobby, swirly naked women –

What makes them women, though?


My great aunt had a bunch of small statues on a side table that were humanoid figures made of smoothed stones found on the beach. I am suddenly afraid that the artist was a time traveling AI.


I don’t see anything to indicate that they are either women or men.


These are really great!


These are great, but I don’t love the weird digital artifacting… Would be cool to see oil paintings based on these…


This looks like the AI had maybe Manet’s Olympia and a soupcon of Walton Ford to work from? Plus, some stuff in Paint?