Every terrifying detail of what it's like to work as a saturation diver

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Amazing! My claustrophobia says no effing way. Hats off to these divers though.

Is it only open to men?


I thought about this once:

$300k sounded pretty good but as @GulliverFoyle said, “claustrophobia … no effing way”

And dangerous AF.


I don’t think living in the tube would be that bad. Not compared to being +500 feet in the black void of the ocean. At least there are stars in space… But $300k sounds nice for a few years.

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They note in the piece it is almost exclusively men, but there have been a few women. Not this gal! I like jobs where squid attacks are less likely.


I wonder what she had for dinner that evening…

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Saturation describes the fact that these guys bodies are “saturated” with as much gas as can be dissolved at that depth. As opposed to non-saturation diving where the longer that you stay at depth, the more gas dissolves so the longer that you have to spend decompressing. Indeed the term predates the widespread use of mixed gasses.


simonize is right… Your article says saturation refers to the gas used for deep diving, but this is inaccurate. You could become fully saturated using any gas (heliox, nitrox, compressed air, etc). Saturation just refers to how much of the gas is dissolved in your blood. If you’re funny saturated, you’ve absorbed as much as you can at that particular depth. I know it might seem like a minor difference, but in terms of technical diving, it’s pretty significant.

*fully saturated

You know, a desk job where you won’t die when you fuck up isn’t that bad.


Awwwww, friendly cephalopod was just attempting squid mind-meld… probably trying to introduce itself by saying “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!”


The reports of osteonecrosis are also rather disquieting; since they crop up among people who have done a lot of such diving(which, in this context, pretty much implies people who are either good at safety rules and/or absurdly lucky).

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It would appear that Subnautica minimizes the danger, elides the tedium; and fundamentally understates the difficulty of the activity it is loosely based on to an even greater degree than your average Medal of Duty FPS does the activity it is loosely based on; which really takes some doing.

It does make it pretty easy to get disoriented and drown when cave diving; but “pop down 500m, assemble a few habitat modules, ascend” is not a 225 second dive on basic compressed air.

Seems like you could solve the voice pitch issue easily enough, at least when talking over a remote link.

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