Beating the heat with a refrigerated space helmet


Keep on at it, you’ll have a Fremen stillsuit before you know it. Just remember to tuck it into your boots.


So how much does a positive pressure welding helmet go for these days? Are welders selling obsolete (and no longer code compliant) ones off for cheap?

May cooler heads prevail.


Any links to similar products? I’m not sure on the specs of what he’s using there

Hmmm, sounds good about now. The next step is going solid state with Peltier tiles sewn into an complete insulated suit.

Hi Jerwin! i think I paid, like… sixty… bucks for it?
The Google juice is “3M W8000”, which will show you a bunch of results on eBay. If I were looking for a helmet to do welding with, I would want of the new ones, but since I was looking for, you know, something to be Halloween-y with, I got one of the ones out of the “scratch and dent” section.

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Here we go!

  • 3m W8000 welding helmet
  • Generic five-gallon plastic bucket
  • Generic desk fan
  • Generic bag of ice
  • Generic styrofoam cooler
  • Plastic drain/bilge hose from the hardware store (I went with the white, because it looked more space-suit-y, but black is available too)

Everything EXCEPT for the helmet is totally standard trip-to-the-hardware-store stuff.

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With the electric fan, I get a slight, barely-noticable (but pleasant) icy breeze. It’s not that exciting, though.

So I tried it with a shop-vac instead. Which generates a huge gust of air. It’s like duct-taping a vacuum cleaner to your head. Because that’s exactly what it is, I suppose!

Here’s a Vine I took with my phone jammed inside my helmet, with the shop-vac going:

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Except that shop vacs are so bloody loud…

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