The Deepest Dive of My Dreams

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Maybe that’s a Portal test chamber you’re remembering?


Free diving costs people so much…couldn’t they just smoke a bowl to get that same high?

And you know, keep their cognitive abilities long-term…


I like how the video ends. He looks up and thinks, ‘shit, I forgot I have to go back up’ RIP

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Life on Earth (for humans) exists in a pretty slim zone-- we can’t live at depths deeper than that, we can’t live at high altitudes past where Sherpas can dwell, and while we can adapt to heat and cold we couldn’t easily adapt to living in lava or swimming in the Arctic naked. And fish that live in the extreme depths die when brought up (though I guess for reasons other than pressure.)

Anyway, that’s what the idea of deep dives brings to my mind, the fragility of life.


I’ve swum out over some cliffs while scuba diving. I knew that I couldn’t fall over the edge, but still felt some anxiety about the height while doing it. The beginning of this video brought that feeling right back: “Don’t fall in!”


That feeling was the weirdest part of being in freefall for me. Looking around the plane, suddenly every direction was down. Physically, the experience didn’t feel like anything at all, but psychologically it was quite overpowering.


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