One Breath, a tragic tale of free diving by Adam Skolnick

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I know this book is about Nick Mevoli, but Natalia Molchanova was never found. They aren’t the only two world class free divers to be lost to what they love.

Free diving is an amazing sport, but also one that walks the edge between life and death. The worlds best free divers risk it all whenever they do a dive that pushes their limits.


Better die doing something you love than living a boring life and then rotting away with Alzheimer.


Curious how someone facing cerain death during a sport would feel about that when presented with a magic ‘get out of jail free’ option.

‘The quest to shatter human limits’. I’ll never understand sports hyperbole like this. Soooo, the quest to not require oxygen, ever? There will always be limits, maybe you can push them, but the buck always stops not far after.

I think of any sport, free divers probably get to have this claim.

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That’s called “mind uploading”. Not a sport, though.

That’s what transhumanism is for. The new limits can be quite far away then.

I’m convinced that mind downloading into this form of manifestation is essentially a form of adventure tourism, so who knows? :wink:

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A tragedy has to have some element of statistical improbability attached to it, no? When you willingly flush your body down hundreds of feet you’re basically tempting death, no?

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