Watch these trippy freedivers go underwater caving

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In the one titled “Diving with Kim Kertz” at the end when she surfaces you can see the huge gulp of air she breathes in traveling down her throat into her lungs.

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Not just beautiful footage, but a very cool lady.
Check out what she has to say here:

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I’m a pretty experienced freediver (started when I was a young kid and still doing it 40 years later).

NEVER go anywhere you might be trapped with something above you, especially rocks or the like. Your vision is limited and at any moment you could get stuck with something you hadn’t noticed. That rule is always true, even if there is a scuba diver that may give you air in case of an emergency alongside.

The images are nice, but I’m sorry to say the lady is at best foolhardy and very probably a kind of stupid. I hope for her that idiocy will not be fatal.

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