Every time Rod Serling said "Twilight Zone" synced up

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That’s a wonderful thing.

Also (NSFW):

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Does anyone know what the final, shortest one is?

It always surprises me when people consider something “not safe for work” because of a brief glimpse of a woman’s body, and not because you’re watching music videos instead of working.

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See also Super Kripparian 64, with Hearthstone streamer who always starts his clips with “Hey guys how’s it going, Kripparian here”.

It may be my favorite illustration of online discourse, as it starts pretty coherent before immediately devolving to nonsensical noise.

I’m in The Twilight Zone right now.
And have been for a considerable while.


There is, of course, no winning on this topic – I was trying to head off the “you should have labeled this NSFW!” complaints.

I love stuff like this.

First, I thought it was sad that Serling didn’t get to see it. Then I started wondering how you could have done it while he was alive, and realized that the video portion simply could not have been done, and an audio-only portion would have been iffy.

Even if you had access to the filmstock, copying, recopying, and overlaying the analog tracks probably would have resulted in an unintelligible mishmash, even assuming that you could have synced them up precisely.

Yet here we have something probably done by one guy on his PC over the span of a few days.

We live in the future.

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It wasn’t a personal criticism, but a criticism of the entire phenomenon. It needs a different warning label. It’s not so much “not safe for work”, but “not safe for people or situations that can’t deal with certain body parts”.

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