Everyday Misanthrope, the game about making others as miserable as you are

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Fun to read about, but I do not think I want to play.


[You are the first commenter on the post, and in a prime position to set the tone for the rest of the comments section. You post a single, dismissive sentence about the game discussed in the post. Another visitor to the site wastes his time composing a sarcastic response, and several other viewers to the site have to scroll past this pointless exchange to read the comments. The author of the game, seeing her work is posted to BoingBoing, excitedly clicks through to the comments to see what people have to say, and is dismayed to see the only comments are a glib dismissal by someone who will never play her game, and an unfunny sarcastic response that poorly parodies her own writing.]
[4 lives ruined.]

But, more seriously, the game is funny and takes about 5 minutes to play. It’s worth giving a spin.


HAHA I just kicked a homeless person! How many points do I get?

Wait, you have to “play” the “game” online?



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Two fraternitiy brothers who picked up coffee for their buddies will not arrive until it’s cold.
+6 lived ruined

6 mornings ruined, maybe.

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[You make a glib, pedantic response to an internet comment, reflexively aping a hoary internet meme and asking someone to provide a ‘citation’ for what is clearly a fictional narrative. You’ve both irritated the poster you replied to, and made him sad about the state of critical thinking in this country.]
[1 life ruined]


How many points do I get for not restocking the public restrooms with bumwipe?

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The title screen pic is the same as from this page:

Stock photo hopefully?

Yup, it is stock art. All the art in the game is used under the Creative Commons 0 license (like public domain, it can be used/modified/sold without attribution) and put through a C64 pixel art filter.

You’re all pathetic video games dweebs. Unlike me.

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