Everything I've been taught is a lie


If this is true then I must question everything I know


Nope, it’s still hard as Hell; ask anyone who’s part of the working poor.


The lower levels of hell in Dante’s Inferno are frozen over so there’s some room for overlap.


21 years to learn what it “really” is from one set of internet pedants, and then I’m sure 0.21 seconds on twitter to learn from the other half that language is a living thing…


In origin maybe, but language evolves to become what we think.


Naturally, just how “literally” these days is used to mean figuratively and “impossible” is used instead of unlikely or improbable. Language is meant to be playful and adaptive.


ah … hail no.


Oh my genitals, I see what they did there!


TIL it’s actually … “Hard as FUCK!”

excuse my English.



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