Everything Tarantino is a remix

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Uma Thurmonds teacher in the lengthy “Kill Bill 2” training flashback is Pai Mei from the Shaw Brother’s “Executioners From Shaolin”

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For all we make fun of Quentin Tarantino, he’s seen a TON of movies, and paid homage to every one. It’s over the top and intended to bring to mind those other films. Almost as if his films are only fully appreciable by those who have also seen a TON of movies.

And another Shaw Brothers film to look for. I really love those movies they are great fun.

No mention that one of the characters in From Dusk 'Till Dawn wears a Precinct 13 shirt for the whole movie?

Better not make fun where I can hear you, I will beat you up!

For what it’s worth, this isn’t a list of the references in Tarantino films - it’s a list of a few of the obvious ones.


Now if he could just do a entire scene that wasn’t a homage to something, he might be worth watching again…

…plus now I feel dumb for not realising that he was making use of Darryl Hannah’s seizure moves as an homage. Though it did make more sense the second time round…

Who Do You Think You’re Fooling? (1994)
A comparison of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs and Ringo Lam’s City on Fire.

You’re Still Not Fooling Anybody (1997)

By ‘we’ I meant not me. Or least not me in the last 25 years. Before then, I was too young to appreciate what was happening. Even how he sets up shots and moves the camera is influenced by those who came before him, those whom he appreciated.

Now go watch supercuts of dolly zooms.

I know, my father and I walked to the local theater to see “Five Fingers Of Death” when it came to the US. It was intense. But it was only a year or so before the first Bruce Lee movie was released in the US, and that crushed the Shaw brothers genre in America.

When asked in 2002 by Sight & Sound Magazine to name his twelve favourite movies of all time, Tarantino placed “Five Fingers of Death” at number 11.

Normally I would think a few of those are a stretch, but since it’s Tarantino… probably not.

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‘Art is either plagiarism or revolution.’
— Paul Gauguin

‘Art isn’t something you marry, it’s something you rape.’
— Edgar Degas

Other people have done this as well. “The Hunger Games” is the Japanese movie “Battle Royale”

Also, I recently read someone commenting on a French novel that was clearly “adapted” as the novel and movie “Ordinary People.”

I said to my GF that it would be possible to have a career ripping off foreign works that had never been translated into English, especially stories that are a couple years old where the author is dead.

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