Everything you always wanted to know about strange pee colors (but were too freaked out to ask)


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Donald? Is that you?


One of the best bonus parts of eating some foods.


I love this recipe but, every time, first pee the morning after and OHMYGODIMGOINGTODIE…oh no, beetroot. I certainly wakes one up.


Absolutely the best prank to play on first time parents with their youngling who isn’t out of diapers yet.
Found out that any red colored bug juice (otherwise known as tropical fruit punch flavored juice) -will- turn poop BRIGHT green (when administered in sufficient quantity) and it’s almost fluorescent color! This joke by the grandparents was not appreciated by the mother but was deemed hilarious by the father.
“Hon, I think the diaper is full.” "OK, I’ll change him…-SCREECH- THIS ISN’T NORMAL, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CHILD??"
Nothing can prepare you for this. I wonder how many ER’s have had visits by young parents…


Gross, but cool.

Also gross: I know if I’ve accidentally ingested an animal product by the color of my expellant


Though he doesn’t mention it, I think pretty much any blue dye will turn your pee green. I used to buy the grape and “blue” (whatever flavor that was) Gatorade, and they always turned it green.


Needs more ilustrations of medieval “Urine wheel” medical diagrams.

Everything needs more ilustrations of medieval “Urine wheel” medical diagrams.


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