Everything you've ever wanted to know about books bound in human skin

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Had a piece of bacon in my mouth when I saw that, Thanks…


My old neighbor was a satanist who had a side hustle running a voodoo supply shop in addition to his ‘straight’ job. We became friends and each others go-to for pet sitting.

Every time I would call him at his shop, after he said hello I would say

“I’m looking for a copy of the Necronomicon bound in human skin”

And he would fall for it every time, whether or not I disguised my voice. It really made me wonder what sort of serious calls he actually got.

What would he say to that question? I am hoping, “That’s not a thing” over “we’re out of stock”.

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He definitely was able to stammer out “that’s not a thing” a few times. Mostly he just tended to stutter a bit until I let him off the hook.

But, as you know, capitalism infects everything. Every time I pulled that on him, I knew all he really wanted to do was just unload on how stupid that question was and that anyone calling him asking that was just a fucking idiot. That was always tempered with the idea that anyone calling his store was a mark he could potentially sell a gris-gris bag to. The mark up on gris-gris bags seems pretty good too. Filling a small purple drawstring bag with dried herbs, chanting some vague promises about wealth or romance, and then smearing some scented oil into someones hair for north of $50 is not the worst gig.

I was never sure if he was “a friend of Stan Carlisle” or if he was a true believer, even after I attended a number of black masses at his house. I do think that there are some people who know what cold readings are but are absolutely convinced that what they are doing is for real.


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