New Age shop won't sell magic wands to Harry Potter fans


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Is that a fitbit on his wand hand? The only thing he’ll be conjuring is phantom steps…


Didn’t the in-book wand dealer have some fairly esoteric rules about matching suitable wands to suitable customers as well?

This guy is only improving his cred as a HP fan wand source.




That explains a lot.


Carter, who reportedly fashions the wands under supernatural control

Well that explains everything right there.


He should take the skeptics challenge and win $1 Million dollars!

Is that some sort of hybrid of Maui Waiu?


No. No, you can’t.



This is really no different than a shop that sells rosaries to devout Catholics not wanting to sell to non-Catholic kids cos playing as vampire hunters. I can totally understand why a proprietor would not want to sell items he sees as spiritual to people who are not. And I say that as a person who is very much not spiritual.


If he was REALLY up on his magick theory, he would admit that to be really effective, a magician has to make all of his or her own implements. A tree branch you snap off and paint or carve some symbols on yourself is better than the most artistic wand prepared by someone else.


No reason you can’t combine magic and technology :slight_smile:


It is fascinating to read interviews with such people. We have discussed on other forums the issue of seeing things from the perspective of others, and this is a hard one for me. From the interview, he believes that he sells magic wands to actual wizards and witches. It follows that he believes in magic spells. It also seems reasonable that he he believes that he has witnessed the casting of and the results of those spells.

Of course one possibility is that there is actually a bunch of people secretly turning each other into toads and riding brooms, and they pretend to be unable to produce evidence of such in order to keep the rest of us dumb and happy. I personally think that this is an unlikely possibility, but I try to keep an open mind.


It’s for the best.

A real wand in the hands of an amateur, like a Harry Potter fan, could cause some real imaginary damage!


I’m sure he has some wands that don’t turn out 100% the way he wants them to.

He should just sell the duds to Harry Potter fans.


[Waves cheap plastic wand at annoying shop owner] Causea Effectium!

New age shop won’t sell magic wands to harry Potter fans


"JK Rowling has obviously done her research but Harry Potter is for children. It has done nothing for business…. "

My job here is done.


All the historical wizards and magickians were failures. If any were successful, it follows that they respected the wizard’s pledge:
Keep silent!


Except Catholic shops don’t demand ID. You really can just walk in and buy priestly vestments. Fundamentalist stores are mostly the same, I think. It’s a perilous business, setting yourself up as the judge of other peoples’ spirituality.


Step 1: Scour this guy’s family tree for 10- or 11-year-olds.
Step 2: Train an owl to deliver mail
Step 3: Find a piece of parchment…


Well, then, let’s all dance the aura.