A worldwide occult ritual for binding Donald Trump


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It’s not one of those spells that gives the spellbinder 3x the effects of the intended victim, is it?

(If any Sxxttlx locals wanna participate, I can do a pop-up coven as I happen to have a tarot deck and an orange candle…)

ETA: Link to Protection Spells, a more ‘white magic’ kind of use. More binding, neutralizing spell stuff here.


You Sir or Madam are awesome.


mmm… pop tart covens.


If I don’t have a candle or a carrot, can I just dye a Vienna sausage orange?


I feel you on that 3x thing. I think it’s always better to do white magick. That is, it would be better to do a spell to help those who oppose Trump accomplish work that is for the overall good of existence. Then if you get blowback, it’s positive blowback, not negative.


I could have used this list 3 days ago… Godspeed and good speed


A Vienna sausage would be too big.


The occult is fighting the cult? Cool!


Why, this is a wise investment of time that in no way makes people opposed to the policies of Donald Trump look like a collection of moonbats.

I regard this in the exact same way as those yahoos who practiced intercessory prayer on Obama back when he was elected. Except, no, this is worse because the people opposed to the Orange One should know better.


In your Easy Bake Coven?


At this point, if you’re not going deep into the woods looking to haul back some stochastic abomination to release on your enemies, you’re wasting your time.


Easy Bay Coven


Cool. Reminds me of:


Definately Yuppie Woo-Woo neowhateverthefuckism. Also definately got a laugh out of my friends.


It ot a laugh out of me ,but after a minute or so. Yea. This is the exact same thing except in reverse which is wht I’ve been screaming about til I’m orange in the face since the election.


Reverse mind-fuck; why not.


I should really ask actual ritual practitioners:

Shouldn’t the “grounding” phase involve much more warding, observation and ritualistically consistent cleansing if you’re going to recommend this kind of stuff to a bunch of newbies?

Maybe the timing is supposed to offer some kind of protection? Do waning crescent moons do that? Or is mass action its own kind of protection?


This won’t cut it. He needs a celestial smiting.