Teen exorcists from Arizona take on the UK and Harry Potter




“The spells and things that you’re reading in the Harry Potter books, those aren’t just something that are made up, those are actual spells. Those are things that came from witchcraft books.”


They’re just being brought over so people can laugh at them right? This is a huge prank.


Most spells in Harry Potter are just Latin. But remember: certain branches of Christianity believe the Pope to be the Antichrist, so in a way that actually kind of makes sense.


Dayb got da Jeebus in dair eyzzz… Maybe they can tour with Bristol Palin.


So, nice christian girls, why do you know so much about the details of black magic textbooks, anyway?


from Arizona

Well at least you can’t blame the bible belt South on this one…

My god this would be right at home with the mindless bullshit I’ve seen on MTV.


One of them is 21 years of age - but she’s a “teenager”? Really?


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Now this is a malaria-free post

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Wow. Some people are really really into their Harry Potter, huh. The thing that strikes me as funny about this is that I was about twelve or thirteen before I realized that people really, honestly believed in religion, rather than just being really into it the way me and my friends were really into D&D, but still knew it wasn’t real, and some stuff I’d heard about Christians thinking D&D was satanic magic definitely played into that misconception.


Just to be safe let’s make some gin & tonics


Are you a wizard?


Their real problem is with books. “Book” ok - Books - that’s just too many.
Guess which Book they’re ok with?


No sense in letting facts break up a good act.


What wonderful ambassadors of American culture these young women are.

I suppose we can wish that weren’t true.



The Stupid! It buuurrrnnNSSSSSSS!

{projectile vomits}


I put on my robe and wizard hat.


They must be opening for these guys:

On a side note: goes to show what too much Buffy roleplay and no sense of irony will do to a person.


shrug Worked for vaudeville.


It seems you find 'em everywhere, and it’s also true that even down here in the South some of us occasionally get into the polyjuice potion.