Eviction Lab: a comprehensive database of every eviction proceeding in America for the past 16 years

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“Imagine if every person asked for a trial. The system would bog down in a couple of months.”

Roger That!


Sounds like they are getting a trial, but good luck showing up for the trial when the court doesn’t have an address to deliver the summons to. Or when you’re so down on your luck that you got evicted.

What the heck is going on in southeastern Virginia? Does Virginia have some kind of law that makes landlords readily able to evict?

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It definitely varies by state. Just ask a Californian - they’re frequently caught by surprise when they move to another state and find out things are different.

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The median amount owed was $686.

Holy shitballs fuckbeans motherfucker fuck fuck and some other shit.

That is fucked.


SE VA: A lot of military. I bet many of the evictions are for newly independent 18 year old males who don’t do a good job managing rent, keeping the place decent, etc. There is also a good amount of poverty and minorities.

Don’t fresh recruits tend to be stuffed into the barracks? Usually you have to go up a few ranks before you’re allowed to live off base.

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