'Exasperated' little boy not pleased with news he's getting a new sibling


“What kinda baby is that?!”


Ugh, “thank you for your service.” Since the U.S. military has been doing such a bang-up job for America and the world over the last decade.

BONUS: It’s also a cliché!

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His argument is strong.


Interesting that he immediately views it as a conscious decision. When I was little, even when I knew the basics about the birds and the bees, I did not have much of a concept of family planning. To me, the exact timing remained essentially random. Then again, that may simply not have been too far off in the case of my family.


Yknow, it’s just a good thing this kid doesn’t know what an abortion is.

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That kid is Bill Cosby reincarnated.

What do you mean “not dead?”

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And apparently his mom doesn’t know what the proper way to hold the phone/camera is as well…

Could be worse: out of four siblings, three of us have birthdays nine months after my father’s (+/- one week).

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I agree.

And yet you did bother to point it out.

Why do you even want to test the limits of racist commentary here?

Is part of your reason for being here to sneak racism past the moderators?

Funny, you inspired me to ‘just test the limits’ of flagging a post for moderator review.

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I guess he found the limit lol.


That crunching noise you hear is the sound of a racist troll going in my belly.


Right? Not that he cares; he’s probably trying to find the limit for it now over in the comments for the police sketch post.

Have fun playing Whack-a-Racist, Falcor! :slight_smile:

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