Excellent auditory illusion: "Bart Simpson bouncing" or "lactating piracy?"

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I tried that test with good studio headphones (sound engineer) and as a 57 YO got nothing. Had a medical test and it sloped of to nothing at 16K, my peak loss starting around !2.4K.

I would suggest that any audio test that has to go through youtube audio compression may be ok but not good given anti-aliasing and the psycho-acoustic ability of the brain to interpret pitches that don’t actually exist in the air - think of hearing a double bass or kick drum on ear-pods that can never move the volume of air of the instrument does in the real world.

Interesting is that many of the sort after mixers and producers are in their 50s and 60s and are calibrating the high end frequencies from experience and memory… having said that, the top end fizz of a high hat is probably around 8K and the air on top is the higher frequencies (if you can hear them!?)

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Well goody-goody gumdrops for you.


The Derby County FC video has a parental warning for explicit lyrics. Does the word “embarrassing” mean something different in British English?

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To me all I hear is " NOT SINCE SAINT PATRICK"S DAY !!! " ( with someone saying St Paddy’s day.)

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I m not sure you can speak English with an English accent, that is just English :smiley:

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I don’t hear it. I only hear “that sounds like an excellent idea” Which is interesting because you primed me for hearing “fucking”.

In the original video I can hear every one of the suggestions as long as I read along with it

ETA: I tried it again closing my eyes and now I can hear it

There is no such thing as an English accent. Nearly every town and city has their own accent, the small city I grew up in had two different accents.

I mean, that’s true for every language. By that measure there’s no such thing as any national accent.

But Britain seems to be have more accents than most other countries. Two towns just a few miles away can sound different, like with Geordies and Makems.

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