Excellent flexible cutting board set on sale

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nope. all day long nope, nope, nope.

Might work really good as a mousepad.

Are they self-healing? Can I use them with X-Acto knife or cutting wheel?

Really wish you wouldn’t push plastics as they are so terrible for the environment and our oceans. Especially when there are far superior options such as, um wood, for cutting boards. Sure you can’t flex it but really, is that a concern? Plus metal scrapping tools for picking up chopped things like the pro chef’s use are the bomb and cost about $10.

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Wood is fine for kitchen duties, but for anything like craft work it’s hopeless. Once the surface starts to get cut it’ll splinter and break up. Mats like these will last for years, and they’re thin and flexible enough to be used on top of an LED light box for tracing and cutting on.
I wouldn’t use these in my kitchen, they’re too thin, I use a thick block of beech, and thick plastic boards from Ikea, but for cutting card or any craft stuff I use proper cutting mats, I’d never use anything else.

Yeah. This petition is about the building This thread is about kitchen cutting boards.

But thick plastic boards will be hard on your knives. The best boards are the rubber ones like Sani-Tuff, but you have to go to a restaurant supplier to get them.

I’ve used a similar set of 4 plastic cutting board like this for 15 years. They are much easier to clean than wood, and are convenient for things that are messy (like chopping chocolate) or where I need to sterilize one (I use the red one for meat)

I have no issue re-using plastics, I do have an issue with the massive amount of plastic we constantly throw away. I hope they can find their way to an incinerator by the time I am done with them. I throw a single bag of trash away a week for a household of 3, frequently the bag is only 3/4th the way full. I think I’m doing better than average at reducing my output of waste by reusing a lot of things.

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I hate this style of cutting board. In the kitchen I generally want a stiff board so I can move it around easily.

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