Excellent Japanese pencil case

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I have this case too, in brown, got it from Japan about two or three years ago, very nicely organized and sturdy.

Can recommend!

The manufacturer has other items with the same design, like an A4 notebook cover or shoulder bag. JetPens carries some of those items or at least did in the past.

I love the Lihit Labs case! I actually own two - one for pens, and I use the other as a case for my 3DSXL. It’s the perfect size, keeps the console safe from bumps and scratches when in my bag, and can also carry games, a stylus, a microfiber cloth and more!

I wanted something like this but slightly larger (to include letter and A4 paper, 10" tablet, etc) and custom designed by me for organizing exactly the pens etc I use, and designed to fold out to make a sort of instant workspace anywhere. I found a place online called ICarryAlls that does custom work, so I did some back and forth with them online (I sent them sketches and specs based on parts of their existing products, picked colours of leather and suede and fabric from photos they sent me, etc.) I sometimes felt like a dick for being really specific and picky, but I thought the results were great, and the price too - here’s a picture. So, if you want a pencil case the with pages more tailored for you or if you have your own design ideas, that company gets a thumbs up from this Random Internet Person :smile:


Awesome Talosian!

Wow. That’s beautiful!

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I have been looking for something exactly like this for ages. Thank you.

Really nice. Thanks for the post. I’m going to get one for my 7 year old daughter, and myself!

I’m interested in some of its contents: what is that teardrop, shaped thing with the orange and yellow gears? Where can I get that short ruler? Do you have a recommendation for a sharpener that will fit this case?

That looks like a correction tape “mouse”.

Interesting. Here in Germany 15cm rulers are standard school supplies precisely because they fit into pencil cases like that.

But we seem to be a rather pencil-case-happy nation. For example I remember that Americans found it odd that that here many university students have pencil cases (usually much simpler ones though.)

Drawing with my daughter is one of our favorite activities and special times together!

If the case comes with the drawing skills shown, I’m in.

When I was a kid, I made my own “case” - a roll of cloth with lots of pockets for the things, sewn on mom’s machine. Perfectly customized to what I needed/wanted, no compromises. Who knows where it ended…

Funny. I was looking for rulers that size recently, and had trouble finding any. My preferred way to mark up books is to underline with pencil and make notes in the margins, and it’s nice to have a straightedge for underlining; also, rulers that size make good bookmarks. I seem to remember seeing small rulers in all sorts of places, like drug stores, but I actually ended up going to a few places and two different giant office supply stores before settling for some cheap protractors.

That case looks a lot like a book case I’ve used for years, that’s a convenient size for trade paperbacks, and has space to keep a pencil and some bookmarks. I originally bought it in a Barnes & Noble, but I haven’t seen anything like it available anywhere since.

Get a longer ruler and cut it to length.
Or print a ruler on a laser printer and then cut it out and attach it to a suitable substrate. Optionally laminate the paper with a suitable lacquer.
Or laser-engrave the scale to a suitable substrate.

What is your favorite pencil? Mine is the Palamino BLACKWING 602 - half the pressure, twice the speed!

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