My favorite Japanese pencil case is on sale for $10

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I could never fit a bottle of whiskey in that, but it’s cool.


Wow, great sketch of one of the best-ever episodes of the Outer Limits! Very cool! The original run remains as one of my favorite TV shows ever…

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Bring me my… Japanese pen-cil case… bring a mirror to my face…

Is the bottom pic a domed-up David McCallum?

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“The Sixth Finger” episode?

So very envious of your sketching skill, Mark.

Nice if you have a diverse variety of instruments and an interest in keeping them organized, I suppose.

I’m quite attached to the dual-zipper models: they allow for things to be swiftly tucked back inside, but can also be rapidly opened up more widely for easy access.

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Two years later (thanks Mark) I still love this case. It makes a case for sanity in my otherwise insane backpack.

Hi my name is Mike and I have a pencil problem. It started when I bought my first Palomino Blackwing 602. After that I graduated to the hard stuff, Tombow Mono100 HB. There I was married with kids and I would spend every moment I had hanging out at pencil dens like CW Pencils in NYC. I would wake up in the morning covered in pencil shaving. That was my lowest point.


I thought it was one of the aliens from “This Island Earth”, but you are probably right.

I thought the top picture was going to be the illustration for an upcoming “Did you know that Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia once had a cameo on Star Trek TOS?” post on BB.

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Hi Mark,

The folks on the Pen Addict have always liked the Lihit Labs cases.

I thought you might find this idea from the artist Liz Steel. Perhaps a scaled down version of what she does for her pen and watercolor sketches might work for you. Basically, she takes a piece of Coroplast (corrugated plastic board) that is larger than her sketchbook, uses binder clips to clip her open sketchbook and her tool kit(s) to it and can then hold the board while standing to sketch and paint on.

When you were talking Japanese pencil cases, I was assuming one of these:

(Which are amazing in their own right)


All the more remarkable considering that David McCallum who starred in that Outer Limits episode is still going strong 57 years later in NCIS.

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