Excellent video shows how pull-back toy cars work

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who overtension the spring and those who don’t.


I always preferred the ones with a big flywheel inside, especially the type found inside the kinder eggs back in the '80s (when the kinder toys were cool).

Oh yeah! It’s Corn Popper story time! There are those who give their nieces and nephews annoying battery powered toys that the parents take the batteries out of two days later and claim the batteries are dead and then there are those evil enough to give their nieces and nephews the corn popper toy that doesn’t require batteries, just a kids endless energy to make that annoying god awful popping noise.

It also helps that my sisters used to harass me continually with their “corn popper” when we were kids. So when my niece opened her “corn popper” I made sure I had my eyes locked on my sister and when she saw what it was she looked over at me with daggers in her eyes. Having planned for this I pulled a note card out of my pocket that had written in bold marker “Revenge” on one side and flipped over the other side said “…a dish best served cold”. Luckily she laughed at that point and I wasn’t murdered, although I still walk with a limp from the beating I still received (J/K).

Also, I freaking loved those pull back race cars, anyone else remember the Penny Racers that you could put a penny in the back slot and it would race around on it’s two rear wheels?


Kinder eggs have always been illegal in the US (where I grew up). So, I never appreciated them until I was too old to appreciate them. I never knew why they were illegal, then I duckduckgoed it and it turns out that it is for a really stupid reason.

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And that video was very well done.

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I didnt grow up in the states but I’m aware of the silly law. I’d say you missed out. Kinder toys were surprisingly intricate in the early days (kinda boring now). I think they were one of the triggers that led to me becoming an engineer.

There are two ways a clicky pen works:

1: Coworker continuously clicks his pen until you go insane.
2. You stab coworker repeatedly in the eye with your clicky pen.

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