Man busted after purposely going to jail to sell drug-filled Kinder Surprise eggs smuggled in his butt


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it was O’Reilly himself who, once alone in the dry cell, removed eight Kinder Surprise eggs from his rectum. A guard had to then collect the eggs and photograph them

Talk about a shit job. Did he at least put them up on Instagram with a filter?


Florida Man Disappointed Kinder Surprise Eggs Not Available in US


Man, how come I never find MDMA or weed in my Kinder surprise eggs? Usually it’s just some stupid plastic toy.


Kinder Surprise eggs smuggled in his butt

Everybody needs an occupation.





This is a man with a solid business plan.


I can’t be the only one who read that headline and immediately began pondering how that chocolate shell could withstand those pressures.

I suppose the capsules in question are readily available and can be procured without arousing suspicion, though I expect professionals surely must make use of containers better suited to the job (though undoubtedly not half as newsworthy).


Never, ever put this guy in charge of hiding the Easter eggs.


You aren’t getting them from someone’s butt?


He’s only #2.


In the immortal words of Veronica Mars;

Worst Easter egg hunt; EVER.




What came first? The mule, or the egg?



If they take your belongings when you’re processed, how does this guy expect to get paid?

Also reminds me of a pair of Canadians, a mouse, and a bottle of beer.



I think I liked Kinder eggs better when the “surprise” was a toy, rather than the fact that they’d been in some guy’s butt.


The egg shape is “designed” to withstand exactly that kid of pressure. The heat, on the other hand, …


These damn butt-smugglers are why Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned in the USA. :angry: