Special surprise in Burger King Kids Meal


Only users lose drugs.


Good for those kids: they didn’t bogart that special surprise.

Nothing cures the boredom of working at the Burger King closest to Cabella’s like a fresh, packed pipe of medical MJ. Or something.

You know that one person who always humblebrags about how they were smoking pot at 14, or 10, or even 8, but you find it hard to believe them? This kids’ got provenance.

If you can smoke weed at Mickey D’s, then you might as well legalize, Mr. and Mrs. Realize.

That, and a QPC.


His story could be a dodge. I’m thinking of my homie Cre who used his throw-away job in a drive-thru window to sell acid to his friends. Which is absolutely brilliant, btw. Mindful of this, it seems possible this guy gave the “happy” meal to the wrong car. Maybe not. But my larger point is, if you work at a drive thru, you can make much more money using it to sell drugs.

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