McDonald's employee busted for selling heroin Happy Meals


They’re the happiest meals of all.

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I would think Ecstasy would be more appropriate.

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Healthiest Happy Meal™ ever.

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If you find drugs in your happy meal, don’t say anything…everybody will want some!


Why in the world would you choose such a common phrase. “I’d love a delicious Big Mac plain.” would be much less likely to provide false-positive matches.

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Happy Meal Royale – with an outrageous French accent.

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Are they positive that it’s not just a new corporate policy to increase return customers?

There used to be a doughnut van at the Victoria Market in Melbourne where if you asked for extra sugar the price went to 70 dollars.

We had a guy who worked at a local KFC selling weed at the drive through, using “extra biscuit” as his code word. It all worked fine and dandy until an off-duty sheriff’s deputy actually tried to order an extra biscuit…

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Surely he was just adding value?

my buddy Cre used the drivethru he worked at to sling acid in the 90s. it’s actually a get-over for the dealer: you get to keep "office hours,’ your clients don’t have to know where your crib is at, and you don’t have to drive all over town to make deals all day.

So what’s the secret code phrase you use if you want your drug dealer to include an order of fries?

I loved this episode in L.A. Noire!

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