Teenage boy opens package in front of his mother and is *shocked* to learn it's a bong


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A friend of mine in high school never cleaned his sawed-off-2-liter-pepsi-bottle-in-a-big-gulp-cup gravity bong, and stored it in his closet. One day, he walked through the kitchen and saw the components drying in the dishwasher. He calmly reclaimed them and returned to his room. His mom and dad were older parents, and very churchy. I never found out what she actually thought it was.

I would read a Moms and Bongs anecdote blog all day long.


All the mom really needs to do to verify the “shock” is look who he ordered it from. I mean if its from Gamestop, sure…it was probably supposed to be an Xbox controller…if its from BongsRUs, the kid has some 'splainin to do.


Amazon Lockers are really useful

Most whole foods have them now


Mom knows her bongs.


What the heck? I didn’t order that! I ordered an XBox card… an XBox remote.

And right there is when he blew any chance of anyone believing him. Teenagers.


It could have been worse.


Is it too late for Best Actor nominations?


I think I know what happened…


Not sure if I believe you kid.


Uh huh… sure kid, sure…

Reminds me of this kid I worked with at Walmart. Mom was shocked, shocked I tell you to learn that BEHIND the tomato plant growing in his closet was weed.


God I’m glad pot is going to be legal this year in Canada. My kids are all in high school now, and I really don’t care if they smoke in moderation. If it was still illegal, I’d have a much harder time figuring out exactly what my stance is on a relatively harmless drug


Eh, while I am relatively “do what you want” and agree pot is mostly harmless, there is evidence of it affecting still forming/growing brains. I’d personally exercise caution with my kid on that end. They get a little older I don’t see it being an issue.


The downside to helicopter parents…

I was a latchkey kid, had chores, cleaned my own room, cooked, and did laundry. Mom rarely stepped into my room, or snooped.
But once, at least once, I would have loved to receive a care package as my friends did while away at college.


Is it a bong… or is it more precisely a multi-chambered oil rig for chilling out dabs?


Moms aren’t as stupid as their children think they are.


Gosh Mom, you’re the greatest.


One time my mom found two joints in my dresser drawer and confronted me. She says, “I found your sticks.” I looked at her and said, “What are you talking about?” I honestly didn’t know. She showed them to me and then flushed them down the toilet. “Mom, they’re called joints, not sticks.” Oh well… live and learn.


Don’t lie to me I knew you wanted a bong, I know you are always going to that bongbong website with your degenerate hoodlum friends!


“Yeah, mom, i have NO IDEA how I accidentally got this really nice vase by MISTAKE!?!?”

If the mom knows right away what a bong is and the other kid isn’t shocked at the mom saying bong, the brother is busted and faking not knowing what it is. i guarantee this was no “mistake”.

It isn’t like people are selling bongs to kids with invoices that say things like xbox controller so that when their parent’s check statements they don’t get busted…oh wait, that totally happens and is the modern equivalent of wrapping porn in plain brown paper before mailing.

I think my conclusions are the same as everyone here and the mom’s…lol. sorry kid, you got busted. i bet if mom looks around your room she might find some flowers you intended to put in your vase.