Here's what happened to a girl who mistakenly ate 96 potent cannabis gummies

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Ever fallen down the stairs… ON WEED

(Making fun of the guy, not the daughter, who I feel very very sorry for. I hope this is a wake up call to get help)


Actual OD on MJ is incredibly unlikely. The Demon Weed just doesn’t do that. Psychological and physical dependance with high level chronic usage are certainly possible, but if I were to choose a drug to OD on (other than none, which would def be #1) MJ would be top of the list. Tylenol, ibuprofen, alcohol can all lead to fatal overdoses. MJ, not so much.

Can You Overdose on Marijuana? (

(Warning: Anecdote ahead)

Investigation of the man’s medications revealed that he had injected about 330 milligrams of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. A more typical dose is around 10 mg. The man had taken more than 30 times a typical dose. With many drugs, this might cause a fatal overdose. While it was not lethal in this man’s case, it did cause intense confusion that subsided shortly after he was hospitalized.

So loopy, yes. Clumsy? sure. Dead? Not directly , anyway.


It’s a big mistake to make weed edibles that look like cookies and candy. They should look like medicine or something unappetizing to deter people from accidentally eating them.

Making them look like medicine sounds like a bad idea:

“What are these pills?”
“Dunno, but the last time I ate something that looked like that, I got super high. Let’s try some.”
“Mmm. Not feeling anything.”
“Maybe we need to eat more. Let’s do the whole bottle.”

But the basic idea that something that’s gonna screw with your brain or body should have a distinctive look (and maybe a childproof container) is a good one.

On the theme of “accidental consumption”, my friend J. once dated a girl who disapproved strongly of drugs. This was awkward when J. and his girlfriend hung out with J.'s rockstar half-brother F., because F. was a very big fan of weed. So the girlfriend would sit and glare at F. and J. while they smoked, and the whole thing was a bit difficult.

It got more awkward the day that the girlfriend found an unattended plate of chocolate brownies. She figured that while F. might be a degenerate dope fiend, at least he had good snacks. So she ate one. And then another. And … well, yeah, it played out pretty much the way you might imagine.

The relationship didn’t last very long after that.


i make my edibles fresh
and then i eat them


Eating 96 normal gummies is a bad idea


Yes indeed. It might even cause a certain number of tears.


How hard is it to hide things in your own house from your kid?

Our house ain’t that big with no basement, my wife can hide Halloween candy from me for weeks.


I was thinking


Having them taste like black licorice would have deterred my younger self.


Mmmm, licorice.

My steadfast deterrent:


ewww. Yeh, that would work…

Disgusted Charlie Brown GIF by Peanuts


So do we really know how many of the gummies were cannabis based? Unless the father knew he mixed exactly 96 in with the regular ones. In which case…

She may have eaten very well over 100, maybe 200 :roll_eyes:


I’m one of those freaks that loves candy corn but the good Brach’s stuff with real imitation honey flavor and softer than the cheap candy corn.


Explains what water’s made of so you can think like dissolves like.
Uses ‘uptunded’ like you knew.
Legit DoorStairs Apartment. Solid Dad Acting. But to my uncritical eye they all could have been one actor.

Choice gummi 43 hit different…barfed 6 times, got 24 ways to improve mint logged.
Joke’s on Dad, he probably needs to find 96 bags of bespoke gummies only Mom will find.
May have made a magnetic puzzle box that also fits a gnarly 10-party stock of gummies from fake apartment shutters.
Adding flip-out riser to convert stairs to cycloid series for just such an emergency.


I think it’s actually quite hard. While logic dictates that I can’t know what I didn’t find, I’m pretty sure I found everything. I explored every square mm of that house.


Speaking as a former kid, extremely difficult.


I’m just surprised this and the backlash had taken so long. Gives me hope actually.

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“Honey” he said, “we really need to do something about these stairs!”


I’ve bought gummies before and had the salesperson claim: “These ones taste much better than our previous stuff” - to which my reply was “I’m not buying them for the taste!”

Who ever needs more than one?

If you have kids, they should offer ones with bitter agents in them, really.