Here's what happened to a girl who mistakenly ate 96 potent cannabis gummies

Unlike cannabis, that actually could kill you:


This guy was doing his best to hide his marijuana consumption from his wife, to the point where he put his child in danger. I think it’s safe to say that addiction may have been a contributing factor here, and this might not be the case to make generalizations and base legislation on.


Growing up as a Gen X latch-key kid, I had hours of unfettered access to the entire house on a daily basis.

There were no corners left unexplored.


Hiding stuff from me? Not too hard…

My kids, on the other hand, seem to combine the finer instincts of both rats and bloodhounds. Certain stashes in the house have to be monitored with surveillance cameras.


I figure you’re being possibly sarcastic (and I’m for collecting a great stash) but heck a fire safe to lock it up is so simple.


Man 96 gummi bears in one setting is a lot - weed or no weed. Could be disastrous if they are the sugar free kind…

Anyway - it doesn’t matter what they look like, they need to be locked up. Just like poisons, pills, guns, etc. A locked box in a closet would do the job.


The stash in question is the occasional tub of ice cream, and no, the camera is really there… It was originally there for actual security but just happens to cover the downstairs freezer as well. :grin:


Pronounced to rhyme with “bears”?


Ha - cold storage. Follow the sherbert!


If your wife is anything like my friend’s, check the salad drawer in the fridge.

Edited: that’s where she hides the chocolate.


love candy corn. no thc needed.


Anecdotal corroboration:
After I finished University and before I got a “proper” job I was a handyman at an Observatory. I shared a working space with the gardener, who was french. He had been in the Foreign Legion! He told me that life in the legion was so tough that one of his colleagues decided to end it all. Opportunities for suicide were limited, but he chose to consume an entire kilo of marijuana. I never learned whether it was hash or weed. According to the story, the soldier in question was asleep or comatose for a week and then awoke without ill-effects, …other than being assigned to the glasshouse, which is certainly an ill-effect…


I was looking for that reference…


make the gummies look like snot the kids will never eat them , right?

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that’s already a huge behavioral red flag to me. unless you’re hiding a birthday present or something, people should be upfront about behaviors in their relationships; not skulking around behind their partner’s back

something something “good guy with a gun.” anecdotal stories often rule over actual statistics and outcomes. you can’t have legislation without some fear mongering and some anecdotes

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Indeed. I’m 100% for cannabis legalization (all drugs for that matter), but I am, against making them look like candy, chocolate, or anything that might appeal to non-adults.

I think our (Canada’s) legalization did it right. No appealing packaging.
No advertising, although I think it would be OK to apply the same rules as alcohol advertising.

How about we choose a standard shape for each drug and/or its packaging? 5-finger leaf for cannabis, mushroom for magic types, poppy for opium, etc. Write it into the legislation from the start.

Indeed! How many gummies does one need to eat, such that the taste is a factor. Have them tasteless, or even unappealing.

Need to determine a common unappealing taste… bitter? durian? skunk?


I’m not sure, really. This is a lot of judgement, including the phrase ‘red flag’.

I agree its unfortunate, but how about “I feel bad for the guy”, instead? A lot of people get into gummies because the other person in the relationship has a strong negative reaction to smoke and smell of pot. But they also get into gummies because the partner is very moralistic about pot, period. Gummies allow you to be more discrete. He could have been hiding consumption because of an overbearing negative reaction from his spouse.

In a perfect world, we can all be upfront about our behaviors, but you always have to pick your battles. The spouse’s reaction to his pot habit might have been just as destructive and shaming.


The Princess Bride Reaction GIF


I’m going with simple stupidity. Dude needs to treat drugs responsibly.


Ha, I’m with you on that. I just dislike the idea that any person is better or worse in a situation like this.

It’s very stupid to have ANYTHING looking like candy in the house that isn’t candy if you have kids. I’m thinking marbles, tide pods, pot, etc.

I’ll agree with you on it simply being dumb, too.