Gripping tale of what happened to the kidneys of a boy who ate 25 laxative brownies

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Talk about toxic masculinity.


Nope. Not watching that.
The description was bad enough.


It’s actually pretty fascinating. Rob being Rob managed to cherry pick the grossest most graphic part. The kid is going to be OK albeit with reduced kidney functionality. Makes me feel a little better about situations that are largely out of my control because at least I didn’t do something this stupid to myself.


And Goldie, after making sure
That she is really by herself,
Goes quickly to the medicine shelf,
And there, her little greedy eyes
See pills of every shape and size,
Such fascinating colours too —
Some green, some pink, some brown, some blue.
“All right,” she says, “let’s try the brown.”
She takes one pill and gulps it down.
“Yum-yum!” she cries. “Hooray! What fun!
They’re chocolate-coated, every one!”
She gobbles five, she gobbles ten,
She stops her gobbling only when
The last pill’s gone. There are no more.
Slowly she rises from the floor.
She stops. She hiccups. Dear, oh dear,
She starts to feel a trifle queer.

–from Charlie & The Great Glass Elevator


I’m beginning to worry that you’re depressed.

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Could just be sleep deprivation.

It’s much more clinical than the picture & title would lead you to expect. The majority of it is a very scientific/medical look at the effects of a laxative overdose on the chemicals of the body and how those chemicals affect you.


Thanks for the bummer. Really needed that after the Vegas shooting


I realize at his age he might not fully grasp the severity of full on stomach flu, but there isn’t any amount of money or “bro” acceptance that would get me to replicate that experience - even if that was the worst thing that could happen.

-Which it obviously isn’t, because this is real* medicine and it has a warning on it for a very real medical reason.

*I’m using real here because while still a plant derived medicine it has been highly concentrated and refined - compared to say having a prune eating contest.


I thought of that with regards to the classic Young Ones episode where Rik is trying to OD on pills, but it’s played for laughs because they are laxative pills and he’s just going to massively shit himself. But it occurred to me that eating 50-100 of those would really be… not very good for you.


My first GF had no kidneys and had to do peritoneal dialysis. Not fun.


With all the stupid dangerous stuff we do as kids it’s amazing so many of us make it out alive.


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*maybe next week, right now everything is godawful

To be fair, they post something cool, you get like 12 comments tops. And I am guessing the metrics for sharing and linked tos are similarly lower.

Conflict and bleeding breeds discussion and views.


That was a rather well-done video. Has this chap done other such things?

Rhabdomyolysis seems to come up most frequently these days in terms of overexercising, particularly Crossfit. Perhaps it did not warrant a mention because he did not want cultists inundating his video comments.

My other question is, how does colonscopy prep work without causing the same detrimental effects? Can such preparation cause similar problems in large doses?

I was about to jump in and insist that was from The Chocolate Factory (look! irony!), but of course I Googled first.


Some of the best posts on BB get few or no comments. Xeni’s space coverage, for instance, is excellent.

This is part of the change of character of the BBS community, unfortunately; “if it bleeds it leads” may be a vicious cycle.


That was actually fascinating. I mean, it seems intuitive that overdosing on laxatives is gonna be a bit … well not my idea of a fun time. But it seems the main complications were quite besides the obvious evacuation, and he made them very understandable.

Makes me quite glad that 14yo self tended towards much more external forms of idiocy.


It’s safe to watch, and very informative.


A bold and unexpected move!

Are you trying to start a new trend, or do you just not understand how Internet commenting works?