Here's what happened to a girl who mistakenly ate 96 potent cannabis gummies

Just to quickly compare this to Tide Pods, no one ever accuses the home launderer of being a Red Flag F-ck Up, etc if a kid chews on one of those things. But we label a lot of bad adjectives on the person with the gummies. Same tragic accident, different judgement.

All this comes down to needing to be careful to never allow access for the kids to these things. Which is why all the children in my life are properly outdoors and crated.


In this case, the guy mixed cannabis gummies in with other regular candy gummies, though. I mean, I do that with my Tide pods, but there aren’t any kids in the house.


Oh! I didn’t know that. That’s just idiotic. If true, my verdict is changed. How dumb.

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Or you know, feel bad for his KID who ended up in the hospital, instead? :woman_shrugging:

Did you read the OP? It’s pretty clear that prior to this, his weed consumption was causing serious problems. He fell down freaking stairs! I suspect, given that, it was not the only problem he caused with his consumption of weed. See below… If he had been drunk, or on any other drug, with this be more or less evidence for him being others in danger by his behavior.

You know those nagging shrews… /s

Like it or not, being a parent entails some basic ability to NOT poison your kid. He put his pot gummies IN WITH THE REGULAR GUMMIES!!! He could not even HIDE them well enough that would not put his kid at risk…

And before you have a melt down about me being a nagging women who just wants to kill all joy… there is NOTHING wrong with marijuana use. But anyone using any substance that puts their children in direct harm is fucking doing it wrong.

Dude put his kid in the hosptial with his actions. Directly.

Or, you know, don’t hide your weed in with the regular candy, maybe… /s


A lot to parse there with your reply, Mindy. I respect your viewpoint.

Just for clarity: I definitely feel sympathy for the kid, more than anything, and I’m not saying ‘nagging woman’ - i said spouse. Husbands can amplify wives bad decisions, and in an equal world the opposite applies as well. I can’t help but think this is the result of bad communication between the two and he’s likely the subordinate. I can’t help but think both contribute to a bad relationship, maybe evenly. I sympathize with both.

Also: Yes, mixing the gummies with normal candy is insanely stupid.

This is a well-worn trope, however, I suspect you are aware of that fact. Women who are too outspoken are regularly called nagging, emasculating, etc. Since in this case, IT IS in fact a woman, who seemed to be trying to act in the best interest of the family, since Dad seemed unable to consume responsible, that came off as very much a “nagging wife” trope.

But we don’t know that… the evidence we DO have, is that he had shown himself to be irresponsible in his consumption habits, and I’d suggest his later actions of just hiding his gummy stash bears that out.

Or maybe he’s just irresponsible, and she’s doing her best to keep the family safe from his bad choices… :woman_shrugging: Again, given the evidence before us, this seems the most likely scenario.



The spouse’s reaction to his drug habit might have had something to do with him getting so wasted he did things like fall down stairs.

If one has a spouse and a child, it might be time to stop acting like an adolescent and start taking responsibility for one’s actions.


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Yeah, I just read down to your post and realized I owe you one!

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Luckily we can study the rats invading Indian evidence lockers to obtain an animal model of massive cannabis consumption. Such fearless mice.


other people said pretty much everything. i guess i’d add that when i said “red flag” i didn’t specifically mean the dude. i meant the relationship and the household

yes, a person has to pick and choose battles but if they’re hiding pot around the house so they can get high without their partner knowing - there’s some serious problems in that relationship

is that judgmental? absolutely. is that a fair judgment? i think so, yes.


Responsible Drug Use

This story is the exact opposite of that.


No, it’s the endangering the child part that is and should be illegal.

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Where are you getting “illegal” from that?


A statement of how things should be is not the same as a call for the prohibition of the opposite.


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No it’s not. It’s specifically saying they should be made to look like something else so people don’t eat them accidentally. Pretty straightforward.

Reading comprehension!


But… but… m4y Fr3eD4mZ!!! /s