Man dying of cancer, unable to stand, charged with possessing THC paste after nurse calls cops

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Do nurses take the Hippocratic Oath?


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We got to change this cruel and stupid system that doesn’t even remotely serve the cause of actual justice…


I suspect we could all guess who this nurse voted for. The cruelty is the point, and mindless obedience is the path to it. This one is particularly heinous, but there are stories like this every bloody day.


That is good news. May he set an example for others.

I know it’s not that likely, but I can dream.


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Oh for fuck’s sake, they reported it because they were afraid it would interfere with hospital equipment. Like his oxygen. Which is explosive.

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it was an edible paste, not an ignitable smoking device/ joint.


Did you read the article or are you just reflexively defending the cops here? Because I’m struggling to see how a paste can ignite a fire…


apologists gonna make lame-ass apologies.


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Anything to push the cruelty, I guess.


Someone must still have had enough functioning brain cells left to realize what horrible fucking optics this case would have been for their PD and that hospital.

Edible cannabis paste somehow ignites oxygen?

Without a heat source???


He did have a vape pen but wasn’t on oxygen. If safety was the issue, then it was time for a quiet talk about the vape pen, emphasizing the hospital staff does not want to know what’s in it but for safety sake he needs to stop using it. Then get the doc in to up his pain meds to compensate.
They did not need to report to the police. There are ways and ways to get around regulations at a hospital for the sake of a patient’s comfort. Or in this case, a slight lessening of his misery. But nope. They chose to report the terminally ill patient who is in pain to the cops and get his THC paste taken away.

TLDR: assholes decided to call the cops instead of taking care of the only small safety issue quietly are fucking assholes


He’s been using his vaping device and eating a little bit of the THC paste on bread to relieve his symptoms

I have no idea if vaping devices are a problem. I’ll leave that to the OP.

Cancer sucks.


Responding officers issued Bretz a summons. However, after further review media attention, Hays Police Chief, Don Scheibler pulled the summons and all issues are now resolved.



What is crazy about Kansas and weed, is that it is a literal weed around here.

Now, I haven’t encountered it in the wild, but I don’t go driving around in the country that much. Pretty much any of my friends who lived on farms would say they find it growing wild. Or maybe not so wild. I have heard stories of people dumping seeds in out of the way ditches to come back to see if it grew later. And that was the 90s.

Anyway - Kansas is slllowwwlly getting with the times. MO finally made recreational weed legal, so KS is surrounded on either side. State peer pressure is real. KS just legalized sports betting (which makes watching sports games insufferable with ads, but I digress). MO is now making a push to legalize it there.

I think KS will eventually get at least medical marijuana legalized soonish, and then it is just a waiting game for recreational to be legal. But as a state it is pretty prudish. For the longest time they limited beer in grocery and convenience stores to 3.2%. Still can’t buy booze in them.

Though we really need a federal legalization at this point. You still can’t fill out a form 4473 and smoke weed with out lying on it. And so many states have legalized it, what really is the point any more? :confused:


And that would interact with a paste how? Did they confiscate peanut butter as well?


Wow, scolding a doctor about hospital equipment.

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This is apparently not the case: the police chief spiked the summons the day it happened, and most if not all of the coverage came later.

(Also, the patient did have a vape pen, but was not reportedly on oxygen. The hospital room likely has an oxygen tap and that’s what they were talking about)


Maybe I’m just not ‘braining’ correctly at the moment, but vapes rely on atomizing particles not combustion, right?