Watch students at a frat party suck on a Wii Remote thinking it's a vape


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nintendo huffing is real, and it kills



I think I know what happened…


ah yes, the graphic adventure approach to parties



Careful kids, it may be loaded with this devastating new stuff called placebo! And the intent to become pleasantly disoriented if not actually so is still a crime under Jefferson Beauregard Secessions ‘justice’ department.

I had some placebo back in the sixties and I’ve never been the same since. wyrd


To be fair, a vape pen shaped like a Wii remote is exactly the kind of thing a college-age stoner might buy for the novelty factor.


Now that’s just mean!!!

A frat party is a special safe space where reasonably intelligent kids can let their hair down and just be complete morons, and not have to worry about being posted on the internet doing stupid things.


Do kids have no standards for hygiene?


These are students, so I assume your question is rhetorical.




Frat Party

Nuff said…


Vapin the dank Wii-ed!


I find myself strangely aroused . . .


And that, kids, is how I got herpes.


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