Watch a timelapse of a Kinder Happy Hippo getting devoured by mold

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Nooooo poor Happy Hippo!

I had some of these in Europe, (Italy, I think) and I LOVE the hazel nut ones! I occasionally find them here or have people order them for me. Half the time I can only find the chocolate ones, which are ok. But I savor the hazel nut ones!


Nooooo poor Happy Hippo!

look at it this way. That hippo lasted about two weeks longer than is expected once the seal of the package is broken. It saw some interesting stuff in that extra time. And now it is youtube famous.


Keep an eye open for Kinder Bueno. It has, I think, the same hazelnut filling and outer structure, only with a form factor aimed at adults. Maybe that’s easier to get where you are?


Aren’t Kinder products banned in the 'States 'cos they have assault rifles in them?

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Just the eggs because we have a pretty reasonable law about putting non-food items in candy. (Choking hazard). Honestly I am shocked that the EU doesn’t have the same law considering how much more focused they are on safety. Must be in the pockets of Big Kinder.

We do now have Kinder eggs (Kinder Joy, not Kinder Surprise), but they are packaged in a way that the toy and candy are separate.

As for the reset of the catalog, I don’t think it is regularly imported. But there are a handful of stores like World Market that do have some of it.

I feel like I have seen this before so I will definitely snag one if I do again. Though, I just love the cute little hippos!


I was curious, so I checked and the grocery store nearest me carries these (the real deal, made in Italy, per the packaging), in addition to a number of other Kinder products.

No Happy Hippos, though. If you or @Mister44 are anywhere near an HEB, that’s the store in question.

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The Kinder snack looks completely unrecognizable by the end of this fascinating video.

Don’t feel sad, Happy Hippo! I recognize you under that mass of mold! I recognize you!

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