Exclusive interview: Sumo wrestling legend Konishiki

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When i was a kid the image that was imposed on sumo, from an American point of view, was that it was just fat Japanese men pushing each other around. As an adult i’ve learned that sumo is very much a legitimate sport and the people who compete are intense competitors and athletes.

That said, i do know that there’s a fair degree of sexism in the sport. Where women aren’t allowed to step onto the ring for any reason whatsoever, even if there’s a medical emergency. But this was 4 years ago so i hope that things have changed since then

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No days off.

I remember watching Konishiki on live TV during basho when I lived in Japan. He wasn’t my favourite — that was Takanohana — but he was still maegashira, so definitely worth watching.

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Konishiki is sick and worth the splurge on the video series. Just started it and enjoying it so far.

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