Exec who oversaw Google's failed babykiller projects and cozied up to Saudis quits after employee uprising

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She says she will now focus on helping female tech founders with investment and mentorship.

Especially female tech founders willing to sell their products and services to the militaries and police forces of authoritarian nation-states. Mentorship will focus in part on ensuring HR hires only employees with no scruples.


Because that’s not a loaded title or anything…


She says she will now focus on helping female tech founders with investment and mentorship.

Fuck! Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

She remains CEO of Cloud into January in order to help the transition to her replacement (who has the title Senior Vice President). She also remains on the board of directors for Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

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“…would not have sought the Maven contract if company officials had anticipated the criticism from employees”

<— One would also like to think they wouldn’t have sought the contract if they believed it was morally WRONG, but I guess bad optics internally is an acceptable second place reason.


Indeed, what exactly does this have to do with “babykilling” ? (I’d like to say that’s a phrase that never has applications outside of hyperbole, but no, there are probably exceptions somewhere.)

I was wondering about Bebop and wound up here:

No one at their company could tell me what they actually did because there wasn’t an aligned vision from their management. […] The company existed for roughly 2 years and wasn’t able to actually produce customer working software from what I could tell.


Google was bidding to assist the US drone program.


Hellfire missiles don’t ask for proof of age before they explode.


Does the drone program not kill babies?


One cannot expect a sense of morality from an organization whose sole purpose is to maximize profits at the expense of all other considerations. This applies to 99% of corporations.

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VMware is spelled with a lowercase ‘w’.

Cory purposefully doesn’t use correct branding nomenclature because “reasons”.


Is it wrong that I get a kick out of it when people get irritated by this?

Even if he didn’t do it on purpose though, Cory almost completely ignores comment threads here. One of his posts earlier today was missing a single word resulting in a critical sentence saying very nearly the opposite of the intended meaning. It was obvious, but embarrassing. I briefly contemplated the cosmic futility of notifying him before shrugging and moving on.

Cory gonna Cory. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Corporate names often reminded of, “eXistenZ. Written like this. One word. Small ‘E’, capital ‘X’, capital ‘Z’. ‘eXistenZ’. It’s new, it’s from Antenna Research, and it’s here… right now.”


A very underrated movie IMHO.


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