Exoskeleton shorts that amplify running and walking


Personally can’t wait for a robot leg. Probably have to get two so I don’t look like a freak with only one robot leg.


I just recently went backpacking into deep, high-altitude forest a couple of weeks ago. There were sections of the trail where there were huge trees across the trail every 20 meters or so. Some you could step on, then go over. Others, you could creep under. But some were too high to step on but too low to go under. Ever try scaling a log with a 50 lb pack? Not fun.

With a good set of these, you could practically jump from one log to the next, like Tigger.


I think a non-military use would be to help the elderly or disabled get around a bit more easily


For real, DARPA is probably one of the leading financiers for the exo-something industry. Reading about the D-Day invasion, it’s obvious that the loads we make these young folks carry is insane. Something tells me that instead of exoskeletons lightening the load and increasing mobility, they will just make it possible to further overload our service-members.

Scientist: “We found that the average soldier can carry 60 lbs and still maneuver, but was actually carrying at least 80 lbs. Our new exo technology allows that same soldier to remain maneuverable with a 160 lb load!”

Generals: “Maaagnificent! Now we can load her up with 200 lbs.”

Also, what a terrifying phrase: Exoskeleton shorts! BZZZZZZT! (insert lightning emoji)


Damn it - Now they’re going to expect me to walk to the corner store.


I can’t believe I had to scroll down this far to see the correct response.


Great. Now they’ll have to test for motor doping in running races too!

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Right on. And besides, when I’m running or walking, the first things I have trouble with are my knees and feet. Hiking doesn’t often give me a tired butt.

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These could be a very handy blow for equality. While women in the armed forces lack nothing in courage, intelligence or accuracy, many of are very aware that during loading and unloading of vehicles, they cannot carry quite as much, as quickly as male soldiers (usually). A lightish full-body “lifting and carrying” exo should have us unpacking trucks in no time.

(Please note: I’m not by any means suggesting we should not be in the armed forces - quite the opposite. Unpacking trucks is hardly the core of modern warfare. But for the same amount of training, we tend to end up with somewhat less physical strength than men, and this would even that out).

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I wouldn’t want one without the sound effects.

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Not to mention fighting xenomorphs.



They are not for me, I walk loud enough already.

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So which side is the battery and which side the sensors? Is the battery the module on your chest or the one on your butt?

That is exactly where I keep my batteries.

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