Experience real Austrian Krampuslaufs this winter in a tour hosted by Al Ridenour

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Note, some of my friends are working on introducing this fascinating custom to Copenhagen!

Mythologically, there’s connection to The Wild Hunt and Odin, and yes, these are actual samba rhythms. Early December also has ties to the Afro-Brazilian warrior goddess Iansã.


Should I complain about cultural appropriation? I think I could, but i don’t want to :slight_smile:

Anyway, the American perspective on this is very fascinating to me. Often it’s wrong because it gets mixed up with Christmas, when in fact St. Nikolaus and Krampus happen to happen before Christmas, but have nothing to do with it. Linking Nikolaus to Christmas is not just an American thing, but it’s a decidedly un-Austrian thing.

But then, the people who research the custom for American audiences tend to dig past the more modern customs in Austria and get to older, “more traditional” stuff than we’re used to nowadays.

Ends up being a weird mixture.


That Germany tag is just trolling right?

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