Krampus was the best thing about this christmas


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For 2014, and the last several hundred years!


Krampus is SO last year. This year I was all about the Yule Cat.

I don’t get the sudden fascination USians have with Krampus/Knecht Ruprecht and I sense some sort of galling americanization creeping in…

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Yes, the plague of cuteness must be stopped. Keep Krampus terrifying FFS !

Except it was rarely cold enough around here to wear my Krampus sweater… Boo!

Oh don’t be a scrooge. The Disney version is coming out soon, you’re going to love it!


And now that vampires and werewolves are kind of played out, it may be time for some steamy hot Krampus romance.


Let’s not leave out my Krampus Themed Pole Dance Performance.


You missed one of the most amazing links out there! Brilliant stuff by Austrian woodworker Alps Carving 1

I think I get it but I can see this americanization too (and that’s totaly natural, that’s a common cultural phénoménon).
Don’t you have your own traditional dark side of Santa ? In France me have the Père Fouettard !

I live in a part of Germany where Knecht Ruprecht accompanies St. Nicholaus.

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Wow! Not bad, sir! Have you taken one of those classes? Cause that’s pretty good!

Thank you! I attend and have been taking classes for 10 months


I love that it’s called the “academy” of pole dancing! Beautiful! Keep up the good work!

I think it’s the fact that USian Christmas is so commercial and depressing that makes us so interested. Compare our shitty holiday season to the pagan festivals that still happen in Europe—what’s not to like? I for one am all for Halloween fighting back and wiping the Hallmark Christsales off the calendar.

We should have King of the Bean festivals as well.

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Didn’t seem to be a problem for Vampire-Kitten.

Ugh. Ivory pole academics suck the boredom out of everything.


May Day. If we don’t get to have worker’s rights, the least we could have is fertility rites and wicker men.

I am a north-western German, so it would be patently ridiculous if I claimed Krampus as mine.

However I still can’t help watching all this Krampus love with a little apprehension. On many occasions Boing Boing has denounced cultural appropriation, but this is supposed to be different.
It may be genuine interest, but then I am not sure if a “make your own Krampus Golliwog” tutorial is necessarily the best way to show that.