Coming to LA: Krampusfest!, from the remains of the Cacophony Society



Nice. Should be interesting to see California’s version.
Don’t know how Alphorns enter into this though, that’s a Swiss thing. In Switzerland they have a thing called Klausjagen or Chlausjagen or Klausentreiben (depending on the area or whom you ask). Looks pretty much the same to an outsider at first glance, but don’t you dare tell them that. They have sticks to hit you with.
Also, don’t confuse Krampusse and Perchten.

Anyway, this is how they do it in Tyrol:

CC Pics:

Maybe next year LA Krampusfest can book these guys, they do Folk Metal and Death Metal:

Anyway, my favourite Krampus is this one:

traditional Bavarian folk dancing, alpenhorn,

Why? Why the clichés?

Thats like making a Halloween-fest and combining it with Cowboys with ten-gallon-hats and lassos (it’s typical american you know).

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(in sotto Homer) Hmmm … clichés …

Defaulting to clichés = less work than actual research?

Besides, cowboys do yodeling - that’s not too far from alpine folklore. Plus herding cows is an essential part of alpine folklore.
(Check out “Alm”, “Senner”, “Almabtrieb”, “Auf der Alm do giabts ka Sünd’”)

Everything you always wantet to know about yedeling but were afraid to ask:

Philadelphia has a great Krampuslauf festival, run by some really nice folks. It is kind of a small local neighborhood celebration, but has been getting larger every year. The costumes are amazing.

Thanks for the link!

EDIT: that was meant to go to ducksRfriends, of course. D’oh!

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