Experience solitary confinement in VR

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I’ve spent weeks by myself, by choice, and that was hard enough - with the freedom to choose otherwise - AND I HAPPEN TO MOSTLY LIKE MYSELF.

Locking people in a small room with their demons is… nope. we shouldn’t do that to people.


No thanks, I get that for 8 hours daily at work.


This is the downside of VR reaching the mainstream: We’re going to be seeing endless “First ____ in VR!!!” and “Experience (something you don’t need VR to experience) in VR!!!” stories.

We’ll soon see a candidate making headlines with “The first campaign rally in VR!!!” or “First Oval Office speech in VR!!!” as if they’re breaking new ground or pioneering new technology. They’re not. They’re just following a trend.

“If you are afraid of loneliness, don’t marry.”

  • Chekhov

True. You can probably just take every single news headline ending with
"… in Second Life!"
from the days of the SL heyday, and replace them all with
"… in Virtual Reality!"

This solitary confinement example seems a bit more meritorious than that though. TBH I think it would be crueler and more unusual to force prisoners to use Google Cardboard 23 hours a day than it would be lock them up.


Don’t give them ideas.

“Hey, they’re complaining that these folks in solitary aren’t getting enough human interaction. I know, we’ll buy a dozen simulated conversations and have them watch in Google Cardboard! That’ll keep the human rights people off of our backs!”

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This model is deeply flawed. You can turn it off.

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Like when Spongebob got put on the night shift and was enthralled that everything was suddenly happening at night.

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