Video: demo of Microsoft HoloLens




I’m glad that technology is doing things for autistic people.


I don’t understand.


This is pretty amazing technology. Even on a basic level it seems very useful in a lot of ways, eliminating the need for monitors/screens in the home or workplace, but providing an infinite number of “displays” with each showing its own app or data. Then there’s the interactive potential, which probably has less of a business case but who knows where it ends up. It kinda boggles the mind to think that in a room full of people everyone could be seeing the room completely differently, with objects in compeltely different places. It could be a very interesting future…


This link definitely belongs here:


Yep, and the fact that it overlays, instead of taking over your view, makes it much less depressing than the vision of sitting in your apartment with an oculus rift on your face, blocking out the real world completely. Just need to get the headgear smaller, which I’m sure they will over time.


“Well, Ah woke up this mornin’, an’ mah World had got the Blue Screen of Death! Ah got them Blue Screen Blues!”


I foresee ads being plastered on the walls of my home.


Why depressing? Isn’t “real world” somewhat overrated?

Adblock FTW!

Simulations, design, data visualisations, games. LOTS of possibilities!


Why depressing? Isn’t “real world” somewhat overrated?

I dunno. I actually love the idea of living in a VR world, but at the same time, the thought of coming home to my kids or spouse, faces covered, completely shut out from everything around them, moving in what to me seem to be purposeless spastic motions for hours and hours might not be something I’m ready for. I know TV and video games do that now to some extent, but wearing something like the rift seems like an exponential leap in terms of isolation from their family and surroundings… yeah, it would be depressing to be around. Guess I’m just a Luddite that way.


here’s another cool demo showing the hololens interacting with a robot using some common APIs between the two.



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That assumes that a) there are other people around to interact with, and b) the user doesn’t spend time behind closed door of the room all the time anyway. In either case the added VR headset does not remove any of the existing (or, more accurately, nonexisting) interaction anyway…


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